Court of Protection

The Court of Protection was put in place to guard individuals against illness. A Lasting Power of Attorney will enable trusted individuals to manage property and financial affairs during their lifetime, should they lose the metal capacity to do so. Watsons Solicitors are experienced Court of protection lawyers and can help guide you through the process of appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

court of protection

Court of Protection solicitors

As an experienced firm of lawyers, in Warrington, Watsons Solicitors can help individuals in Court of Protection proceedings, allowing loved ones to make decisions about health and welfare matters, including end of life treatment. As Court of Protection solicitors, we can assist you with making the application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a Deputy and provide you with support and advice following your appointment in carrying out your duties.

Professional Deputy in the Court of Protection

If a chosen individual doesn’t feel capable of carrying out the duties of a Deputy, as Court of Protection solicitors, we can then be appointed as the Professional Deputy. As a Professional Deputy, we will work with the individual and relevant others, ensuring that the incapacitated person’s best interests are protected.

As Court of Protection lawyers, Watsons Solicitors can also help in connection with Statutory Wills. For those with testamentary capacity, we are able to assist you in making a Will. We can assist anyone in connection with an application to the Court of Protection for the approval of a Statutory Will; or represent your interests as an interested party in the event that an application is made by somebody else.

Contacting Watsons Solicitors

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